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Prolebooks have published great pamphlets by Wendy Pratt, Sue Millard, Robert Nisbet, Michael Crowley and a short collection by Idris Caffrey. Click here to find out more on the purchase page.


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What people are saying about Prole

The Crack, March 2012: 'A riveting read.'

Neon Literary Magazine, February 2011.

...(a) subtly hard-hitting collection...

There is much to be admired in the editorial of this collection: these pieces are woven together with an expert flair...

This collection as a whole--at times tragic, harrowing, moving and uplifting--holds within it many little treasures of new writing, and is combined with a care and sensitivity to make it an undoubtedly enthralling read.

New Pages, August 2010: 'This journal is nothing if not challenging and engaging...artful story telling, skilful weaving, compact wording; no literary tricks, twists, surprise endings or jolts to deliver one deep into their vast little worlds...excellent pieces of creative nonfiction. [Of the poetry] ...there is much to be admired.'

The Crack, July 2010: '...it's great to see a quality new publication giving a platform to new writers...and the standard is...excellent.'


The Devil’s Tattoo is Prole’s very own Brett Evans’ debut poetry pamphlet and is now available from Indigo Dreams Publishing.

To read four samples of the twenty poems, or to purchase yourself a copy, visit Indigo Dreams webste.


There's a sense of searching in The Devil's Tattoo, from Wales to the Wild West, the poems progress like the journey of man looking for a lost hero wherever he can. Evans looks to cowboys, villains, poets, and piss artists for answers about what a hero is, only to find the drunk wandering home, the scarecrow in his rags, men looking for ways to stay dry. This is work that cuts through machismo to reveal an aching vulnerability within masculinity itself - a surprisingly tender debut.

Angela Readman


Brett Evans’ poems go rollicking through the Wild West of Wales, arm in arm with Ma Rainey, Celtic blood pulsing through their veins. Pints of stout are priests and Jesus is dancing with the Devil on his back. Evans sees his blurred reflection in the river and doesn’t hold back.

Martin Figura


Brett Evans has a knowledge of darkness and depth, light, frustration, outskirts and intelligence. His pen paints a complete picture of emotion and detail with an eloquence and understanding of things that only some people can fathom and a bright few can describe. The Devil's Tattoo wrapped me around my core with an innate comprehension and beautiful lyricism.

Meschiya Lake




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Our poetry pamphlet competition, 2021, is now open to entries. We have a prize fund of £200 and 25 copies. Details here: pamphlet competition.


Our latest issue, including the winner and runners up of Prole Laureate Competition. This issue can also be bought as a discount bundle with Still Lives With Apocalypse, our pamphlet winner by Jennifer A McGowan. The cover price for still lives with the Apocalypse is £5.50. We will bundle it for an extra £4.00. Please select from options, below. All prices include delivery.

Winner of the Prole pamphlet competition, 202: Jennifer A McGowan with Still Lives With Apocalypse.

Still Lives with Apocalypse is one of those rare, wry, clever collections that strolls confidently into the reader’s mind and settles down like it belongs there.

There is humour here, and a neon light illuminated bareness of the soul that tricks you into thinking you are somewhere else; the States, perhaps, or drowning in a river or walking on water with bloody palms. These are coherent poems, the sort of poems that have you bedding down

for the long haul, leaving you wishing there was more.

Wendy Pratt

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